What Kinds of Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Does Tricare Cover?

If you have a drug or alcohol problem, you know you need to seek treatment. Paying for rehab, though, might be difficult if funds are tight for you. However, there are insurance programs, like Tricare, that help offset the cost you incur during your treatment. When deciding on a recovery program to get rid of your addiction, you’ll want to know what kinds of drug rehab and addiction treatments Tricare covers, if you currently have a plan from them.

As with any insurance company, there are different plans and different requirements. What coverage you receive will depend on the policy you currently have with Tricare. Items, such as medications, hospitalization stay, and even mental health treatment all receive their own specific coverage. Always consult your plan to see what’s necessary to receive the maximum amount of benefits from your insurance plan.

Tricare covers Detox and related services for drug rehab and addiction treatment

Tricare insurance offers coverage when rehab experts prescribe detox for addicts. While each plan varies with the specifics of what they cover, some will also allow for any medication administered while a person deals with addiction withdrawals. They may even continue to cover prescriptions while you transition from detox to the next phase of recovery, which includes therapies and counseling. This usually hinders on the necessity to continue them, however. If a medical professional deems it important to the recovery of the addict, then they will consider continuing coverage, provided all other important items are met per their policy.

Tricare has certain requirements that must be met before coverage can take place. You will need to check over your particular policy to see what those specifics are to get your rehab treatment covered under their plan. Also, Tricare often demands that these medical interventions take place at one of their many approved facilities within their network, because of the contract drawn up with each one. For clinics outside of their list of acceptable centers, you can still receive coverage, just expect to pay more out-of-pocket expenses.

Tricare Covers various inpatient rehab for addiction treatment

Tricare insurance typically covers hospitalization and non-hospitalization services for addiction care. As long as you’re seeking treatment from an approved facility, they will greatly reduce your portion of the bill. Urgent care requires its own set of specifics in order for you to receive coverage. Each plan is different in what they cover, so consult your policy for specifics to your particular case. For other medical disorders that arise from the abuse of a substance, there may be covered there as well.

To beat an addiction, a person must go through an intense program to relearn key skills to rebuild their life. While they do that, they need monitoring so that the addiction doesn’t come back while the client is weak from withdrawal. Inpatient services help the addict by doing the following:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy support
  • Training to prepare them for reintegration into society

Tricare covers various outpatient services for addiction treatment

Besides inpatient programs, Tricare offers coverage for various types of outpatient treatments as well. Whether you need an intensive outpatient plan or something less restrictive, you can usually get your rehab bill significantly reduced to a more manageable amount, while you beat the drug or alcohol problem. Tricare requires certain items to be met before you can see optimal coverage, but once that happens, your payment responsibility will get smaller and theirs will get bigger.

In some cases, Tricare will even cover a portion of sober living in designated houses, if there’s a medical necessity. It’s not uncommon for a person to complete a rehab program, only to feel like they’re not quite ready to go back to their normal life. A living arrangement, like one of these, will help an addict practice their newly found skills in more real-life situations. Tricare helps the addict overcome their fear, by offsetting the costs, so they can focus on getting better and worry so much about paying the bill.